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AEL offers Career Transition Coaching as well as Business Strategy Consulting.

Career Transition Coaching:
Many of our clients are professionals who are at a critical crossroad in their career path and seek a professional coach to strategize and execute their transition in a way that will most benefit them in the short and long-term.

Roughly half of our clients are attorneys who have worked at large law firms and are ready to move on to the next chapter in their careers. Our other clients are professionals across many different industries: from entrepreneurs to CEOs to recent graduates.

The one thing all of our clients have in common is their desire to avoid “coasting” through life, paying the bills, and living for their vacation every year. They are driven to chart a career path that makes the most of their natural strengths, energizes them on a daily basis and will allow them to claim their own unique version of an extraordinary life.

Business Strategy Consulting:
AEL also offers business strategy sessions for professionals involved in a variety of pursuits including:

An objective perspective from an expert in personality type and corporate negotiations can be invaluable. For many of our clients, one or two sessions has made the difference of thousands and in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars, and has dramatically accelerated their ability to accomplish their long-term career and life goals.

"Speaking with Rob is like stepping into a universe where everything is possible. Be careful! He asks dangerous questions and you just might end up choosing a direction for your life that is full of purpose, meaning, satisfaction and reward."

J.F., Philadelphia