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Phase I = Explore

  • Discover your Personality Type, Temperament, and work style.
  • Learn the top ten things people with your Temperament say they need most to experience fulfillment in their career.
  • Through a series of exercises, identify your innate strengths and your main ENGINE(S).
  • Create a list of jobs where you would spend more than 50% of your work day in your ELEMENT.

Phase II = Evaluate

  • Select your best career prospects from Phase I.
  • Conduct feasibility studies on the three career prospects that excite you most.
  • Discover and evaluate your top life priorities through a variety of exercises.
  • Research additional credentials that may be relevant to achieving your goals.
  • Strategize your Phase III execution plan.
  • Grow your master list of networking contacts (by 3 or more times).

Phase III = Execute

  • Craft & refine your message (or series of messages), resume, and other collateral for maximum networking and interviewing effectiveness.
  • Network, network, network!
  • Strategize and execute a plan to create maximum EQUILIBRIUM among your top life priorities.
  • Obtain and negotiate career opportunities.
  • Land the “perfect fit” job for your particular stage in your career path.