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What role does personality type play in your coaching programs?
Gaining an in-depth understanding your personality type, which sheds light on your natural strengths, energy sources and interests, is one of the very first steps in our coaching programs. This perspective is essential as you generate and evaluate career options.

How long do your clients typically work with you?
Our coaching process is typically a 3-month program, although we pride ourselves on being able to craft a process to meet each client's unique goals.

What is your "success rate"?
We believe that all AEL clients would report that their coaching process was a success. Some transitions are more dramatic than others. Some clients maintain the same job with tweaks, and gradually build to the point where they can make a larger move. Others change careers completely. We don't know of a client who would say that the process was not transformative and well worth the investment.

Do your clients sign a contract with An Extraordinary Life?
Yes. The contract covers the scope of the coaching relationship and explains what we are not (i.e. therapists, financial advisors, etc.).